Ivy Vase XL

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Mouth-blown glassware has got ivy-like veins climbing its functions. Smell hot glass and hear it pour like liquid candy on passive surfaces. You’ve forgotten about the wild network eating shadow under roses. The mess invading European sub-cityscapes. Evergreen landscape. If weed, this climb gets its elegance from being brutally persistent. (the act or fact of continuing to exist longer than usual). Landscapes of glass. Forget this image immediately. Feel a vein grow as you move your palm from front to back. Mouth blow for a minute. The ivy is a chain of stars looking both cute and itchy. Mouth-blow for a minute. And wait for the sun to bounce in your illusive container. (Keep it) cute and itchy.   



Please note: This product is mouth-blown and handmade, meaning that each single object is unique. Hand wash only and use a soft sponge and warm water. The glass can be fragile, so be careful when handling the object. Please take care of this object.