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COCS symbolizes unexcited and transparent appearances. With focus on the environment. This with strength and presence. Decisive through materiality and quality in detail.

Inspired by the rough body cult, the sexy bodies on the beaches of Ipanema, the sound of the sea, sand grains and the glittering sun. COCS stands for uncompromising, timeless aesthetics. With a hint of handmade eccentrics.

Design explanation

The dynamics of horizontal and vertical development

In our ever-changing society, two types of development are particularly defining: horizontal and vertical development. These two concepts capture the progress and changes taking place in various aspects of our society.

COCS stands metaphorically for these two currents. COC for horizontal development, COCOT for vertical development. PUB symbolises the effort required for both currents. The connectors as a binding link of both directions. 


Tubes - Concrete special mixture. Handmade in Munich.

CNC Connections - made of Aluminium AW6082. Produced in a small one man manufactory in Germany

Original PLEXIGLAS® 15mm
92% transmission, Opaque. Laser cut in Germany.

Produced by glatter voigtländer gmbh in munich


Hand milled CNC Aluminum connections
20 connections per chair

Height 60cm - Width 68cm - Depth 60cm
Weight approx. 45 kg