Studio Cup - Light Blue

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The Studio Cup was initially made as ceramic colour samples at the NIKO JUNE studio. Its popularity within the team pushed it into actual production and made it the first object in the expanding studio series consisting of ceramic gear we wanted for ourselves. The Studio Series is handcrafted in stoneware and glazed in Denmark. Each object is unique.Ode to all badly equipped kitchens. To freedom in simple. Basic facts of life. To the deep pleasure that finds you in banality. And a new outlook on necessity. This is for the love of kitchens with blurry lines that dare to play dress up but forgets about backbone basics. Dining tables that demand creativity out of scarcity or promote misuse for the fun of it. Preach alter-utility. Kitchens that fight, that disagrees - dinner tables with more attitude than its passengers. But kitchens that are simple as a solid handshake and looks like it could stand the touch of a thousand well meant more. Equip my hands with personal banality. Ode to the expanding workshop.

Please note: This product is handmade from stoneware, meaning that every single object is unique. Ceramics can be fragile, so be careful when handling the object. This product is dishwasher and microwave safe. Scratches, flaws and small cracks are all parts giving the object a soul. We embrace those imperfections and so should you.Please take care of this object.